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Hong Kong Togel Gambling Seller Arrested

Hong Kong Togel Gambling Seller Arrested


Rejang Lebong – JM (44), Residents of Dodon RT 01 RW 02, Jalan Baru Village Curup Subdistrict, Monday (22/10) were forced to deal with law enforcement officials because they were caught in the crime of gambling in the dark Toto type Togel) Hong Kong.

JM was secured during a routine raid that was held by the Rejang Lebong Police Station on the public road in Simpang Nangka Village, Curup Timur District. Together with JM, the officer also secured evidence of 1 unit of the Orange Orange Nokia 103 brand used by the perpetrator as a communication tool in carrying out his illegitimate business and Rp2 million in cash.

Rejang Lebong Police Chief, AKBP. Ordiva, SIK through Invisible Reskrim, AKP. Jery ​​Antonius Nainggolan, SIK, said on Tuesday (23/10) that JM is currently undergoing an examination to develop the gambling type network.

“We will snare the JM using Article 303 of the Criminal Code,” said Kasat.

It was explained Obviously, the chronology of the capture of JM began when a joint member of the Rejang Lebong Regional Police held a routine raid in anticipation of motorbikes, stealing and curas on the public road at Simpang Nangka village. After half an hour, JM crossed the location of the raid using a Yamaha Mio J motorbike with Nopol BD 6204 KA.

Officers who were suspicious of JM’s movements who felt awkward about the presence of officers then examined the vehicles and conducted searches on JM. Sure enough, the officers’ suspicion was finally proven. When searched, the officers found the Nokia Orange Nokia 103 cellphone and Rp. 084,000 (Two Million Eight Four Thousand Rupiah) cash in the pocket of JM’s clothes.

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When confronted by officers, JM finally admitted that the money was Hong Kong Togel deposit money. Inevitably, JM and evidence were immediately secured to the Rejang Lebong Police Headquarters.for more info you can check that togel hongkong.

From the operation, the police secured the SN, along with the evidence in the form of 3 (three) pieces of Hong Kong lottery gambling coupons with details of 2 bundles already sold and 1 bundle not sold. 1 piece of Nokia brand black cellphone with where in the WA application in the cellphone there is an incoming message containing the number of pairs sent by the detectors dated 11 February 2019. Cash in the amount of Rp. 2 (two) black ballpoints and ping. 1 (one) sheet of paper containing the number of pairs and pair money. 1 (one) calculator for Kawachi brand in black. 1 (one) white color staple and 1 (one) carbon fruit.