How to Make a Fortune in Gold Playing World of Warcraft

How to Make a Fortune in Gold Playing World of Warcraft

Ever play World of Warcraft and find yourself short on money the next the first decent epic becomes listed on the AH? You’re not alone. Gold sellers are making hundreds of millions per year selling to players exactly like you. Do you really want to trade real cash for imitation gold? I really don’t, which is the reason I create my fellow players get me anything I want. How? I utilize the AH to line my pockets 24 hours a day.

Using my simple strategy, everyone can create a few hundred gold per week, if not per day. Here’s how I did it: First I created a mule/twink and shipped her to Org. I then sent her some cash from my chief, which was 100 gold to start with. Most people who perform the marketplace buy up greens, blues, and purples and after that reprice them. Sure, you can earn some cash, but just if someone who would like the specific thing you’ve happens to be searching for it at the specific time you have it recorded, and, if nobody else has undercut you. Do you really wish to tie up all of your cash in Troll’s Bane Leggings or even a Zealot Blade hoping a twinker will buy it?

For this example we will use fabric. Linen and wool are easy targets. What’s left is listed on the AH. This is where your money comes in; you run the market purchasing everything up under a certain cost, which in this example is going to be one gold. Keep soaking it up until the inexpensive stuff is gone and you have a decent supply. Don’t blow all of your cash, since you’ll need it to defend your own position if other sellers try and undercut you. rb88 Now that you have a few bags filled with wool, it is time to list on the AH. You paid gold below for your supply, so taking into account listing fees and the auction house clip, you want to price it in a stage which will assist you in making an adequate profit. I like trying for a double click on yarn, which can be two gold per stack. I buy everything in sight for one gold, then list it at two. Every time some gets recorded at one, I purchase it. When buyers are in searching for wool piles, they can’t receive any inexpensive stuff, as I am buying everything. This forces them to start taking out all of the piles between where I am buying and where I am selling. Once that is gone, they have to buy mine.

While it seems like you can just set it and walk off, to make serious cash you need to constantly check your positions in the AH. When there is a vendor who seems to have an infinite supply, keep purchasing this up. Stacks of wool take time to collect. He’ll run out of piles long before you run out of money. Most likely, the sellers that are dumping it cheap will begin to sell for a greater price from sheer greed. This helps push prices, which helps get them nearer to a supply of 2 gold piles.

After I doubled my money on yarn, and pressured the market up so the cheap stuff was no longer available for me to re-supply, I moved up to silk, mageweave, runecloth, then netherweave cloth. Within the span of a month I was able to take my main from 60-70 and make right about 5,000 gold within my market twink. By this time, my twink really was a twink due to my snapping upward level 19 twink equipment cheap.

This is a really simple strategy which can be employed to virtually anything around the AH that is in constant need. Primals, essences, enchanting dusts, leather, etc.. Just be certain you pick something easy to begin with. Last, treat the AH like you would a BG. You’re there to earn money, not friends. Do not tell folks that the twink is in case you do not want them hitting you up for loans or items. You’re just setting yourself up for continuous /w from individuals, or worse, making yourself a goal to get hacked.

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