Surprising Business Success Lessons From Candy Crush Saga

Surprising Business Success Lessons From Candy Crush Saga

I will admit I cannot get through most days of the week without a little Candy Crush. The other day, however, I was quite amazed at what Candy Crush educated me about achievement in business.

As I played the level, I noticed my mindset rooted in view I was going to win the round, and that I did! As I wondered what transpired more deeply, here are the business success tips I understood were being reflected within my play of the game:


  1. Always Know Your Goal. The first thing is, each board of Candy Crush includes a goal. You must do things like create striped candies, make color bombs, or shed fruit down to the base of the screen. There’s always a goal to accomplish in order to reach the next level. Hear that? If you’re an entrepreneur you need to establish goals for yourself.


  1. Focus is Critical to Success. On certain Candy Crush amounts, (in this guide, I’m only on level 230) I have discovered delight at how simple it is to create striped candies and color bombs, and I have caught up in trying out these combinations, or preventing a bomb. Then, I realize I’ve gotten completely distracted from the objective of the level I am on. In reality, I don’t need striped candies, or so the bomb gets more turns fun88 to burst than moves I have left at the round, so exploding them does not matter to the objective.


  1. Believe You Can Succeed, and Don’t Stop. I’ve played a few degrees of Candy Crush for what seems so long that I actually visit the walkthrough cheats. Often, I learn the strategy I’m using is the right one, it’s just not paying off for me. I return to the degree, frustrated, and wondering when I will actually be able to make it this time. Another day, though, I stared in the game board, and that I realized that I CAN triumph. Candies crush. I just knew with absolute certainty that this is a struggle I had been ready to meet.


  1. It is OK to Accept Assist. Every day I spin the Candy Crush Booster Wheel and get a wonderful treat I will use to earn a level easier, or to allow me to win a level versus re-do it. I frequently talk myself out of working with these boosters because I believe I ought to be able to do so by myself. It’s just a principle thing – like I am saying I’m less capable when I use one of those boosters. Exactly where are you turning down help? It might be due to cost, but make sure it’s not because you think you have to do everything yourself. That’s just crap, and also will guarantee failure, since there aren’t enough hours in a day for one to do it all yourself AND earn money. Help is in your reach, and it is OK to use it.



  1. Believe in Abundance. The other reason I’ve caught myself using to prevent using a booster would be , I could run out. Isn’t it ironic? Every day we get a new booster, and I am stressed that I’m likely to run out. At any time in our businesses, we might have a low fiscal instant. If you look outward, however, money is anywhere. Just as it isn’t now on your bank account, doesn’t mean it does not exist. You have to think in the flow of cash and that there is always more out there you may attract. Let us be fair, if I play Candy Crush daily, it is going to level to a waste of time, not to mention contributing to no life. Not to mention that some levels are so bothersome that if I carry that energy to re a level, I’m bound to lose. If you’re a company owner, you must take breaks.

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