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How to Open Layarkaca Site21, Only Blocked Positive Internet

How to Open Layarkaca Site21, Only Blocked Positive Internet


JAKARTA, BB – Netizens are still making noise with blocked sites watching free movies online Layarkaca21. Well, how is the solution or way to create a website that provides foreign film content?

The Tekno Beritabulukumba.team made a special report on how to open a site that was blocked by the government. ALias the site that is on the Positive Internet list. Technically there are several ways and the most common is to use a proxy.

There are many proxy websites scattered in cyberspace. Can be opened on Google with the keyword Free Web Proxy. After that enter the url address or web domain you want to display. But we recommend looking for a web proxy Indonesia so that access is faster.

If you use a cellphone, don’t be disappointed because there is a solution. Can directly download VPN or SSH tools. Can also use a browser plugin for Mozilla or Google Chrome. Some sites can also be opened using Google DNS. Please open the Windows Control panel directly. Then look for the Network and Internet menu. Find the Network and Sharing Center menu then click on Connection “Properties”.

At that time a number of choices appeared. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Enter IP DNS and in the available fields. This method can be used to open a web that is being blocked including Layarkaca21 or LK21 TV.

The 5 suspects of sexual abuse secured by the Police are RN alias NL (Lk 20), a resident of the Real Work of Siabu Village, Kec. Salo, LE alias EG (Lk 19) resident of Sei Abang, Siabu Village, Kec. Salo, SA aka AW (Lk 21), a resident of the Real Work of Siabu Village, Kec. Salo, MP alias ML (Lk 20), a resident of Sei Abang, Siabu Village and JL alias BD (Lk 19), a resident of Sei Abang, Siabu Village, Kec. Salo Kab. Kampar.

These perpetrators were arrested on the LS report of the residents of Sei Abang, Siabu Village for having committed sexual abuse with ER (Pr 15) of their underage daughter.

The revelation of this case began on Tuesday (3/14/2017) at around 17.00 WIB, when the reporter was told by his neighbor that his son ER had been molested by the 5 suspects.

Based on this information, the victim was then examined by the local Village Midwife, and from the results of the examination it was indicated that the underage victim had suffered damage to her sex organs, the victim also admitted that she had indeed been molested by the 5 suspects in March but the date had been don’t remember anymore.

The ER further explained that he was fucked by the 5 perpetrators alternately in the bushes located next to the Sei Abang Market, for the incident LS as the parents of the victims did not receive and report this incident to the West Bangkinang Police.for more info you can check that lk21,

Following up on the report, the Police of the West Bangkinang Sector Police immediately conducted an investigation by examining victims and witnesses, then carrying out the case proceedings and then searching for the whereabouts of the perpetrators.